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Grow your small business with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads

PPC (Pay-per-click) Ads

Our team is made up of PPC experts that will create clearly defined targeted ads served to people interested in buying your brand’s product.

Other Google Adwords services

We are understand that your business might not only need PPC ads. Gomel digital provides other forms of Google Ads campaign at your request. This include display ads and Youtube ads.

Here are three important factors we consider when creating PPC ads.

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Your target audience

We take advantage of Google's high targeting capabilities to ensure that your ads are only shown to your target customers. This will be consumer segments that reflect your target demography and interest.

Your Budget

We understand that budgeting is very important when implementing a successful PPC campaign. We ensure that your initial budget is allocated optimally to achieve the set objectives for the ad campaign.

Results tracking

We track your PPC ad campaign to ensure we are evaluating ad performance and improving results. We make changes in realtime to make sure that the PPC campaign delivers as expected.

Consumer purchase behavior is evolving fast and businesses need to keep up with these changes to be able to influence their buying decision. Most consumers conduct online research on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo before they buy.

Paid search advertising will help place your Pay-per click (PPC) ads at the top of search engine pages like Google when consumers are actively searching.

Search Engine optimization (SEO) strategy takes time to produce results while results are immediate with PPC ads. However while organic SEO traffic is free, PPC ads require a budget. It’s very important for your business to entrust PPC campaigns to a qualified team of experts because you can only get a good return on investment (ROI) for your PPC campaign when it’s correctly done. 

Whether you are a small startup trying to get visibility online or you are an established small business trying to reach a new audience. You can grow your business with PPC ads and other Google ads services.

Here are the top benefits of PPC ads

Organic traffic or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts can take time to start seeing results.

 With Pay-per-click ads, you can get instant traffic to your site and get results within a short time frame.

PPC ads will not simply bring more traffic to your site, but you are sure to get traffic that is relevant to your business, allowing you to gain qualified leads.

The reason being that paid ads are extremely targeted. They will only show up to people that are most likely to buy the product or service you offer.

PPC ads can be a great tool to help generate brand awareness. The more users see your ads on search engines like Google, the more they get exposed to your company name. This helps improve your brand awareness and recognition over time.

Pay-per-click ads can be very cost effective, especially if you are working on a limited budget.

Google makes you pay for PPC ads only when someone actually clicks on your ad. This means you wouldn’t get charged if someone only sees your ad but does not click on it. 

Another important benefit of paid search is that you can actually measure the performance of your ads and see if you are getting a better return on investment (ROI).

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads can help you understand how much sales is coming from your PPC campaign. You can capture the total number of clicks you get for each ad campaign, the number of sales from the clicks and how much you spent for each click.

We are Edmonton experts at PPC. We deliver the results you desire.

We drive high quality relevant traffic to your website with our best in class PPC ads and other Google ads services.

We offer world class PPC ads and other Google ads services at Gomel Digital.

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