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We Conduct highly effective local SEO Campaigns that are results oriented, consistent and follow standard best practices. Take advantage of these key local SEO benefits: 

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Gomel Digital is a top leading local SEO company providing customizable local SEO services to help small businesses generate more revenue. As your dedicated SEO company, we ensure to create a local SEO strategy that meets your business needs.

Whether you are a local small business or start-up, our local search engine optimization company can help your business rank higher in local search results. We are a top Edmonton SEO company, providing outstanding results to our customers.

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What is local SEO?

Any business of any size or industry that has a physical location or serves a targeted geographic area can benefit from local SEO.

Local SEO is a branch of search engine optimization that focuses on improving your website rankings to make your brand more visible in local search results.

With local SEO, companies can grow their online presence, improve visibility, grow their brand awareness and get more business from local and nearby searches on Google. 

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Dominate online in nearby and local searches with a trusted local SEO company that provides quality local SEO services.

Why is local SEO important for your business?

Here is why you should opt for local SEO to grow your small business!

Local SEO gives your business the ability to be found when consumers search for products. With many people searching for businesses near them or doing more and more local searches, you wouldn’t want your business to miss out. 

Local SEO is very crucial in improving conversion rates. This is because, most of the people doing the local search are already interested in the product. This increases your company’s sales opportunities and more business growth. 

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Local SEO Services

Increase leads from local customers with professional local SEO services!

Local SEO Auditing

We start by performing a detailed audit for your website. This will help us understand how well your site is optimized for local SEO. This includes things like crawlability and indexing of your site by Google. The Local SEO audit report will be the base of defining the local SEO strategy for your brand.

Local SEO Strategy

To be able to build a strong local presence, we need to define the blueprints that will make your local SEO project successful. We start by mapping out all the factors and activities needed to improve you site rankings on search engines. Having a solid strategic plan for your local SEO is a strong recipe for success.

Local SEO Optimization

At this stage we put in place everything that was defined in your local SEO strategy. This will include effectively optimizing your website for targeted local keywords. Doing competitive research to take advantage of local SEO gaps and using a list of tactics that will help boost your local presence.

Local SEO tracking & reporting

Tracking and reporting are very essential for all our local SEO projects. This involves monitoring keyword rankings and organic traffic both for your website and those of your competitors. We will provide your company with detailed reports on how your SEO project is working.

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