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Website design and development is not only about making a pretty-looking website. A well-developed website is more about creating a seamless user experience for your users. It needs to be responsive, easy to use, and optimized for search engines.


Your website is like your business card that should provide a great first impression to your potential customers. In addition to putting your user experience first, your website should be a true reflection of your brand and vision.

Creating efficient, beautiful websites!

Your website represents you, your brand and your company’s mission. It is the central part of your business that you use to help customers and potential customers know about you. It needs to be done right. Gomel Digital is your Edmonton web design partner that gets it right from the start. We are specialist Edmonton web designers!

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Designed for users

A website that is easy to use and navigate. Loads faster and creates and excellent user experience.

Optimized for Google

A website that is optimized for SEO, making it easy for people to find you on Google.

Converts prospects

A website that makes it easier for consumers to easily find your products and connect with you.

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Steps we take in getting you an efficient and beautiful website

Gomel digital is Edmonton web design agency for small business, creating amazing webistes for it's clients.

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Our web design strategy is highly focused on conversions to generate sales for your small business.

Why is web design important for your small business?

Your website is like your business card to potential customers. Your audience gets the first impression about your business in the first few seconds when they visit your site and this will impact how they perceive your brand.

It’s important for your website to leave a positive impact on your audience by ensuring a great user experience with a well-designed website. You can count on our top Edmonton web designers to build amazing webistes with great user experience for your business.

SEO is a strategy that helps your site show on search engine results pages when a user is searching for the kind of product or service your business offers.

A good website design must be fast and responsive because this will affect whether your business shows up in search engines or not. A responsive design means your website can deliver the best user experience on any device, either on desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet. Our specialist Edmonton web designers prioritize mobile responsiveness and ensure seamless delivery across all devices.

A poorly designed website will make users doubt the credibility of your business and damage your brand.

A well-developed website on the other hand will build trust with your audience. They will feel comfortable doing business with you. This will build credibility for your business and brand recognition.

A responsive website design will help your business in reaching more customers. This is because users are using their phones more and more to do business. It’s important to have a website that gets users who are away from their computers.

A good website design will make visitors remain on your site. The more visitors stay on your site, the more likely they are to convert or make a purchase. This will provide you with more leads and increase your business opportunities.

Gomel Digital - A top Edmonton website design company

Edmonton web design expert! Designing innovative, custom and effective websites !

Here is what you get with Gomel Digital; your Edmonton web design Partner.

Strategic approach

A web design strategy that is based on your business goals and vision.

Creative design

Successful web design through our creativity. You can count on our specialist Edmonton web designers.

Clean layout

Beautiful and clean web design for a great look and feel.

Custom design

A website designed to reflect your brand's identity.

Conversion driven

Better conversion means more sales for your small business.

Affordable prices

Custom prices that fits your needs and budget. Connect with Gomel Digital! Your Edmonton web designer.

Edmonton web design company developing websites that create memorable digital marketing experiences.

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Enhance your business with a stunning website. Gomel Digital offfers outstanding web design services for small businesses in Edmonton and area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about web design

Web design FAQ

In this digital age, most customers will visit your website before deciding on any purchase. One of the most important reasons why your business needs a website is credibility. Without a website consumers might question your business legitimacy.

Having a website for your business also provides you with the opportunity of growing your online presence. If you plan on using digital marketing to grow your business online, then owning a website is very vital. 

Connect with one of our specialist Edmonton web designers today to get started! 

If you already have a website for your business and want to change it, you wouldn’t require a new website but an update of your existing website. We will start by reveiwing the current content and design and also carry out a website audit.  Another step will be to reveiw your competitors websites, check your visualls and design to ensure they are not outdated.

It really depends on what kind of website you need. A website is qouted based on what each individual project entails. Each project has different components and requirements.

We start by asking you a lot of questions to assess your needs and provide you with a quote based on your assessment. Complete this form if your a small business in Edmonton and area requiring a website.


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