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Website design and development is not only about making a pretty-looking website. A well-developed website is more about creating a seamless user experience for your users. It needs to be responsive, easy to use, and optimized for search engines.

Your website is like your business card that should provide a great first impression to your potential customers. In addition to putting your user experience first, your website should be a true reflection of your brand and vision.


Your website represents you, your brand and your company’s mission. It is the central part of your business that you use to help customers and potential customers know about you. It needs to be done right. Gomel Digital is your Edmonton web design partner that gets it right from the start. 

Creating efficient, beautiful websites!

Designed for users

A website that is easy to use and navigate. Loads faster and creates and excellent user experience.

Optimized for Google

A website that is optimized for SEO, making it easy for people to find you on Google.

Converts prospects

A website that makes it easier for consumers to easily find your products and connect with you.

What we build

high performing

how we build

creativity at the core



what we Design


Gomel Digital is a professional web design agency in Edmonton. We use cutting edge technologies to create customized websites for brands. Our creativity combined with an innovative approach to web design produces top notch results for our clients.  

Our specialty is with small businesses and start-ups. We work together to help create powerful websites that will open their business to new opportunities and build a solid foundation for their brand online. We are your Edmonton web design partner building efficient websites to expand and grow your business online.







Web Design

At Gomel Digital, we create engaging web design that reflects your brand, vision and resonates with your users. Our Edmonton web designers take the time to craft websites tailored to meet your company's goal while creating a seamless user experience for users.

Content Writing

It's very important that your website speaks directly to your users. Our Edmonton web design agency provides content writing services to ensure that your target audience instantly connects with your brand and the content meets digital marketing standards.

Search Engine Optimization

When building your website, we focus on how we can optimize it for search engines. Our talented Edmonton web designers work with our SEO consultants to improve traffic to your site. Our SEO program focuses on optimizing content while adhering to Google standards.

Responsive Web Design

Create web pages that look seamless across devices and browsers. Our responsive web design projects are carefully planned and tailored to your business needs. Our top web designers build engaging websites with seamless user experience for all devices.

Ecommerce Web Design

If you are looking to take products online with an e-commerce solution, our Edmonton web design team is ready for you. We specialize in building custom e-commerce sites tailored to your unique needs.

Web maintenance

Website maintenance is very critical for your business! It ensures your site stays secure, runs faster, smoothly, is backed up in case of emergency and is Google friendly. Focus on what you do best while we take care of your website.






As a top Edmonton web design company, we build smart and tailored web design solutions with users in mind. We balance creative thinking to deliver websites focused on increasing user experience and engagement. We ensure your website connects to your target audience instantly , generating engagement that produces qualified leads for your business.


We understand no two projects are the same. We take the time to understand your needs and approach every project with a fresh perspective. Your website deserves a detailed attention as it is a very important aspect of your business. You want to work with a partner that will not only take the time to listen to your business objectives but also delivers the desired results your business needs.



I have used Gomel Digital services for the design of my company website, and I can say that I received outstanding services, and the quality of the work was top-notch. As such, I will use Gomel Digital in future business endeavours. In addition, I will recommend Gomel Digital services to any company without reservation, knowing that the company would be served with quality services promptly..
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Edmonton Web design for small business

Our Edmonton web designers are a passionate team of professionals. Our services are offered to exceed your business requirements.  We are great at presenting genuine, innovative web design and search engine optimization solutions aimed at growing your small business online.

Creative, flexible and affordable website design.

Finding a great web design company can be daunting. At Gomel Digital, we prioritize relationships first. We go above and beyond developing your website, offering business consultation and developing a website package that suits your needs and meets your budget.  Our trusted Edmonton web designers will create a reputable and high traffic website for your brand.

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Get traffic

We drive more traffic to your website so you get more phone calls and leads.

Get credibility

We build credibility and trustworthiness for your site , so you can be proud of it.

Get Customers

Getting targeted and relevant traffic will bring you quality leads that convert.

Gomel Digital Marketing

Edmonton web design company specialized in building efficient websites for small businesses!

Websites play a central role in driving traffic, lead generation and sales. We help our clients compete effective by attracting , nurturing and converting leads.  Our main focus at Gomel digital is to help organizations achieve core business goals using the online space. 

Gomel Digital is  Edmonton web design agency that aligns creative web-based solutions with growth efforts. We are dedicated to helping clients use the digital space to grow and build customer relationships.


What we take into consideration when building your website.

Great user experience

User experience comes first when creating a website for your small business. We start by understanding who your target audience is. We optimize User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) to make sure your website is visually appealing and easy to use. Content is crucial for great user experience, we ensure your website is directly communicating to your customers

Responsive design

Responsiveness is key. We make mobile responsiveness a top priority. We ensure your website and content renders well on different devices including computer desktops, phones and tablets. Making sure your website loads faster is another important factor we consider when creating a responsive design. We are a top Edmonton web designer.

Reflects your brand

The website should reflect you. You tell us your vision, purpose and goal for the website. Creating an appealing visual brand identity shows who you truly are and what your company stands for. It helps your audience to know you because they can easily associate your brand to your company. We create custom web design that is consistent with your brand identity.

About US


Gomel Digital is Edmonton web design company specialized in developing high performing websites to it’s clients. Our mission is to build websites that turn passive browsers into customers.

We leverage highly effective and impactful web design  strategies to build powerful websites that attracts new leads and business opportunities. Our brilliant Edmonton website design expert employ analytics, testing and iteration to optimize your website design.

Top web designers Edmonton!

Our goals for your website

We know that good design means good business.

  • Build a responsive website with great user experience
  •  Optimized website for search engines to improve organic traffic
  • A website that produces qualified leads and improves conversion rates
  • A site that builds customer relationships and drive sales for your business

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Our web design strategy is highly focused on conversions to generate sales for your small business.

Why is web design important for your small business?

Your website is like your business card to potential customers. Your audience gets the first impression about your business in the first few seconds when they visit your site and this will impact how they perceive your brand.

It’s important for your website to leave a positive impact on your audience by ensuring a great user experience with a well-designed website. You can count on our top Edmonton web designers to build amazing webistes with great user experience for your business.

SEO is a strategy that helps your site show on search engine results pages when a user is searching for the kind of product or service your business offers.

A good website design must be fast and responsive because this will affect whether your business shows up in search engines or not. A responsive design means your website can deliver the best user experience on any device, either on desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet. Our specialist Edmonton web designers prioritize mobile responsiveness and ensure seamless delivery across all devices.

A poorly designed website will make users doubt the credibility of your business and damage your brand.

A well-developed website on the other hand will build trust with your audience. They will feel comfortable doing business with you. This will build credibility for your business and brand recognition.

A responsive website design will help your business in reaching more customers. This is because users are using their phones more and more to do business. It’s important to have a website that gets users who are away from their computers.

A good website design will make visitors remain on your site. The more visitors stay on your site, the more likely they are to convert or make a purchase. This will provide you with more leads and increase your business opportunities.

Edmonton web design company developing websites that create memorable digital marketing experiences.

Our Process

At Gomel Digital marketing , we believe that great design is having a website creation process that aligns with the overall goals of an on organization. This means every element and stage of the website creation process needs to work towards that defined goal. 


We start by understanding  our clients needs to determine the goals that the new website needs to fulfill. Our Edmonton web design experts together with our clients determine the web pages and features needed for the site to determine the project scope.


After the goal setting stage, we will put a strategic plan in place that aligns the initial vison to the goals of the project. This will involve creating project priorities and milestones.


We use the established framework to start creating the website. We optimize creativity and ensure you are included  at every stage of the design project. The final product should reflect your brand identity and vision.


The website is designed to educate clients and potential customers. We create unique content that aligns with your business goals and brand. Our Edmonton web design experts will work with our digital marketing professionals to ensure optimization of your web website content.


The testing stage is to ensure that everything is working rightly. This includes user experience, mobile responsiveness and links. This stage involves reviews, testing and revising .


Once our Edmonton website designers are done with the website testing and everything looks great. Your new website is ready to go live. Congratulations!

Popular web design terms explained!

web design edmonton

Web design service options

The web design terms below explain aspects of website design that have to do with offering web design services.

paid professional website vs free website design

A paid website design involves hiring a professional to build your website. Building a free website yourself can be cost effective, but will require significant skills  and time commitment.

web agency vs freelancer

Freelancers work independently  to carry out projects for their clients while agencies have more people to work on web design projects. We are a specialist web design Edmonton agency.

Square space website design

Squarespace is a free website builder like Wix. It provides you with a content management system where you can make a website using a single subscription. However it has limited customization capabilities.

web devoloper

A web developer is a website professional who builds and maintains the core structure of a website. While a web designer works on the look and feel, the web developer works on the code. We are a professional web design edmonton company.

website design edmonton

Web design technical terms

The terms explored under this sections are web design terms related to the technical aspects of website design.

website elements

Web design elements are those website elements  that have to do with the overall layout of the website and it’s visual appearance. This includes technical aspect, content, layout and navigation.

website design features

Web design features are those aspects that help achieve an intuitive navigation, high quality images and graphics for a website. It involves responsiveness, page quality and clear call to action. Gomel digital is a website design Edmonton company, building highly responsive websites.

UI - website user interface

A website user interface is the platform that allows users to interact with the content of a web page. This can include display screens  and appearance.


Website user experience also known as UX are aspects that have to do with how a user interacts with a website. This range from how easy they can navigate the website to how pleasant their website experience is.

Gomel Digital - A top Edmonton website design company

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Enhance your business with a stunning website. Gomel Digital Marketing offers outstanding web design services for small businesses in Edmonton and area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about web design

Web design FAQ

In this digital age, most customers will visit your website before deciding on any purchase. One of the most important reasons why your business needs a website is credibility. Without a website consumers might question your business legitimacy.

Having a website for your business also provides you with the opportunity of growing your online presence. If you plan on using digital marketing to grow your business online, then owning a website is very vital. 

Connect with one of our specialist Edmonton web designers today to get started! 

If you already have a website for your business and want to change it, you wouldn’t require a new website but an update of your existing website. We will start by reveiwing the current content and design and also carry out a website audit.  Another step will be to reveiw your competitors websites, check your visualls and design to ensure they are not outdated.

It really depends on what kind of website you need. A website is quoted based on what each individual project entails. Each project has different components and requirements.

We start by asking you a lot of questions to assess your needs and provide you with a quote based on your assessment. Complete this form if your a small business requiring web design services in Edmonton and area.


Before answering this question, we have to consider how important a website is for a business.  Must customers in today’s business world link having a good website to credibility.

Also we have to note that building a website involves more than just the web design.  There’s no use building a website if it cannot show up on search engines. Investing in website that drives relevant traffic and generate quality leads can only be done properly by an expert in the field. If you are a small business in the Edmonton area, requiring web design services, our web design Edmonton experts are here to help.

The cost to build a website for your business can vary depending on a number of factors . These factors may include the number of pages, the level of complexity of the project design and the amount of customization required.

If you need assistance in determining how much you will need to pay for your web design project, you can complete  this form and one of our professional website design Edmonton professionals will get in contact with you.

The estimated cost per hour for a web designer will vary depending if the designer is a freelancer or web design agency. Typically the average cost will be about $75 for a freelancer.

Website design timelines may vary depending on the website complexity, scope and requirements. This could include website size (number of website pages) and the uniqueness of the website design. Generally, you can expect 4 -8 weeks for a basic website.

Responsive web design is very crucial when it comes to optimizing your website user experience and it is a very essential aspect in search engine optimization. Responsive web design involves creating web pages that render well on all devices including desktop, mobile and tablets. Our expert Edmonton web designers ensure the delivery of well optimized and responsive web design for all our projects.

We do not provide web hosting services but we have a list of recommended hosting providers that we recommend to our clients.

Website maintenance is a very essential part when it comes to web design. This is the practice of monitoring the overall health and performance of your website.  Our website maintenance package ensure your website is always kept secure and up to date. Click here if you will like to learn more about our website maintenance services.

There’s no defined timeframe for how often your website should be updated. However from a user experience and search engine optimization perspective it is important to always keep you website up to date.  Our Edmonton web design experts and our web maintenance services can help with always keeping your website up to date.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very essential part of every web design project. It helps with making your website visible on search engines like Google when users search for phrases or words that are related to the services or products you offer. In our case, this might include searches like web design Edmonton, Edmonton web designers , Edmonton web design company or Edmonton web design.

A friendly SEO web design , takes into consideration factors that will help in improving your website visibility on search engines when users search for the type of product or service you offer. 

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