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Whether you are a small business or a start-up,  there’s no use investing in building a great website that customers cannot find. Leveraging SEO to make your small business rank highly on search engine results pages like Google can help potential customers find you. With the right SEO strategies in place, you will get more customers organically and gain long-term value for your business.

More Clicks. More Calls. More Conversions.

Our mission is to improve your site’s visibility on search engines with SEO strategies that really work. We focus on helping small businesses succeed by reaching their full SEO potential. We are Edmonton’s Expert SEO company that gets results.

innovative approach to SEO

Gomel Digital is Edmonton SEO company! We provide proven innovative SEO framework that delivers more traffic, increased leads, and growth.

Unique & Customized

At Gomel Digital, we believe every business is unique. We grow your brand online with targeted SEOs strategies and solutions tailored to your business objectives.


SEO may be the most important marketing strategy for every small business. It allows you to tap into interested audience and brings potential customers to you.

Gomel Digital is a leading Edmonton SEO company that specializes in executing high-performing SEO strategies. We don’t succeed unless you do, making us partners who prioritize your needs. Our customer-centric approach means we go the extra mile. 

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Edmonton SEO Service Expert Delivering Amazing Results!

We are the best Edmonton SEO service agency.

This is how?

Get Higher Rankings with a Creative SEO Agency!

We stay on top of Google’s ever-changing algorithms to keep your rankings moving in the right direction with the right SEOs strategies.

We begin with Data

We know getting the SEO results you need isn't a guess game. Google doesn't randomly decide which websites show on search results. We start by capturing all the information we need to improve your SEO ranking and drive more traffic to your site. Data driven SEO is the only way to ensure our SEO services are done rightly!

Customized SEO offering

We believe all businesses are not the same; so we offer SEO strategies that are tailored for your business. We start by gaining a deeper understanding of your audience, competitors, and industry. We specialize in offering customize SEO solutions to small businesses in Edmonton and area.

Predictable results

Working on SEO for your business will require hard work and patience. The results won't come quickly but when rightly done, it will do wonders for your business. Our customized SEO marketing strategy provides trackable and predictable results that will generate leads and bring in more customers. We are Edmonton SEO company delivering amazing results to our clients.

Outstanding Service

We believe in a customer first approach. We prioritize our customers in everything we do and ensure they receive a world class customer experience. We care about them and solely focus on their needs. Our goal is to get your business in front of customers and grow your business exponentially with our SEO services. Connect with Gomel Digital Marketing and get awesome SEO services.

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Rank at the top of search engine results

Partner with Gomel digital Marketing, Edmonton SEO service agency for small business to rank your website at the top of Google and other search engines. Our expert SEO services will help you outrank your competitors.

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Increase organic traffic to your website

Our successful SEO ranking strategies will help boost traffic to your website and increase revenue growth for your small business. If you are looking to attract more customers and grow your business, you can count on an expert Edmonton SEO company that gets results!

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Boost your brand's credibility

An effective SEO strategy will not only lead to an exponential jump in traffic but will also build your brand’s credibility. This is because a high ranking site is considered high value and trustworthy. Let’s help build your website’s authority with outstanding off-page optimization SEO services.

SEO that gets Results!

Increase sales by working with a top Edmonton SEO Services Provider.

Why Chose Gomel Digital Marketing as Your SEO Agency?

Focus on what you do best while we grow your business online with efficient SEOs strategies!

SEO Expertise

Our specialty is in creating campaigns that increase rankings and send qualified website traffic to your website. We help businesses and brands create authoritative presence online with highly efficient SEO strategies. Our SEO company has the experience, and our SEO solutions work.

Results Driven

We are Edmonton SEO company that focuses on results. With our proven SEO strategies, we build reliable lead flows for your business. We specialize in building online authority for your brand with successful SEO strategies and ensure we produce the desired SEO results.

Relationship First

Our clients are the core of our business. We prioritize relationships first by being diligent in our SEO service delivery and making sure we keep to our promises. Our SEO company is committed to you at every step of the process while ensuring outstanding services.


Keyword research

Keywords are those words or phrases that users type in a search engine like Google that brings up results. Some keyword examples for Gomel Digital Marketing will be something like SEO Edmonton, Edmonton SEO, Edmonton SEO companies, Edmonton SEO services or SEOs Edmonton. As a business, you will want your website to show up on search engine result pages when people type in the kind of product or service that you offer.

This can only occur if your website has the right keywords in place. Since most businesses like yours will be targeting the same kind of keywords for SEO, it might be harder for your website to rank or show up. With the right keyword research strategy, your Edmonton SEO services expert, Gomel Digital Marketing, can help your business plan and prioritize for those keywords that will optimize SEO performance and drive more traffic to your site.

On- page (SEO) optimization

In addition to having the right keywords in place, the content on your website needs to be relevant and create a great user experience for it to be able to rank on search engines. Your content does not only need to include the specific keywords that users are searching for, but it also needs to satisfy what they are looking for.

With Search Engine Optimization, there are certain recommended practices that need to be put in place for your web pages to be considered relevant by search engines and boost SEO. With extensive knowledge of the advanced methods Google uses to determine page relevance for SEOs, we can help optimize your web pages to rank at the top of search results. Gomel Digital Marketing, can help with optimizing your web pages for great SEO results.

Technical (SEO) optimization

Meeting content requirements through keywords and on-page SEO optimization to help your web pages rank higher is important. However, there are certain technical aspects that your website needs to fulfill for your pages to show up on search engines.

Improving these technical aspects of your website also known as technical SEO optimization will ensure that search engines can easily read and understand your website and that your website is running at a recommendable speed. Our Edmonton SEO services professionals are here to help!

Off- page (SEO) optimization

One of the most important factors for Search engine optimization is off-page optimization, largely driven by backlink building. Off-page SEO optimization activities involves receiving links from external websites to your website. They help build your website’s credibility.

The more you get high-quality links from reputable websites, the more credible your website will be to search engines. This will have an influential role in improving your Search engine optimization (SEO) performance. Connect with Gomel Digital Marketing today to get started with SEO link building services.

Our Strategic Approach to SEO

SEO is the greatest strategy to dominate online. Take your business to new heights with a result oriented Edmonton SEO service expert.


We start by assessing the needs of SEO for your small business. We take into consideration many factors including your website, competitors, target audience, location and more. We also do an in-depth analysis on local SEO in Edmonton. Our SEO assessment will help audit and identify opportunities to improve the SEO services we provide for your business.


We use our expert SEO service to create long term growth for your small business by using local and global search engine optimization techniques. Our SEO services and strategy will ensure your website is optimized correctly to drive the best results for your small bsuness. We are a top Alberta SEO service provider.


With an in-depth website audit and assessment of your SEO needs. We put in place a customized strategy that will efficiently improve your SEO through a combination of keyword research, on-page SEO optimization, link building, technical search engine optimization, local SEO service optimization and more.


We are an expert Edmonton SEO company highly focused on results. We deliver the results your small business needs by boosting relevant organic traffic to your site, increasing leads and building your brand's credibility. Our expert SEO services will improve ranking for the key terms or phrases that your target customers are actually searching.

SEO company in Edmonton

SEO techniques we use for higher site ranking!

Rank high on Google with Edmonton SEO company that delivers results!

SEO audits are  very important for a successful SEO strategy. It gives us a complete analysis of how your website is performing on search engines. It allows us to detect and prioritize any issues affecting your search engine optimization activities. The results of the SEO audit will provide us with a framework of what can be improved to enhance your site performance.

Competitive Analysis

Uncovering SEO opportunities is another powerful SEO strategy that helps in achieving great SEO results. Competitor analysis in SEO refers to the process of researching your direct competitors to understand what keywords they are targeting, what techniques they are using, what is their backlink profile, what is working for them and what’s not. With competitor analysis we can improve SEO results by taking advantage of the gaps that exist in your industry. 


Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Having an SEO strategy in place will help us define, plan and implement the key steps needed to improve search rankings and more organic traffic on your website.  We will work together to define goals that are critical in maximizing SEO results and keeps your SEO on track. Our Edmonton SEO professionals will ensure your brand’s overarching SEO is met.

Website content optimization is essential for SEO. It ensures content is written and presented in a way that speaks to your target audience but at the same time is understood by search engines. It is the practice of updating and improving your website content to deliver improved SEO and increased conversions.

Keyword research will help us find which keywords are best for your brand . They will help us target those keywords that reflects the specific needs and interest of your target audience. A good keyword research strategy involves the ideal balance between keyword relevance, volume and competition. The right keyword strategy will help in optimizing your website effectively for better SEO results.


Metadata helps to describe information on your web pages in a way that search engines can understand. Meta description plays a significant role in on-page SEO optimization and helps  search engines better understand the topic and content of your web pages. Good metadata will not only help your page rank but will also encourage searchers to click on your links, which will in turn drive traffic to your site.

In it’s most simplest form, an external link is when one website links to another website. These links are also called outbound links or backlinks in SEO. These links are so important because they give credibility and trustworthiness to your website. This is one of the factors that a search engine like Google uses to rank your website.

Internal Links

Internal links on the other hand are links from one page of your website to another. They are essential because they help Google and site visitors quickly get to important content  and improve navigation. When strategically used, internal links can help increase the authority of important pages on your website  and helps them to rank higher on Google.

A responsive website helps optimize your website in such a way that it offers great user experience irrespective of the device or screen size.  This means that the elements of your website will render well across different devices, like mobile, tablet or desktop. A responsive web design is important in SEO, because Google gives preferences to websites that are mobile friendly.

Google Crawlability & Indexability

Crawling allows search engines to read and analyze the content of a website before it’s indexed. It’s henceforth important that your web pages are crawlable. A website that cannot be crawled or indexed is invisible on search engines. This means that search engines are unbale to understand what the website is about and hence cannot rank the pages of the website. 

Gomel Digital - SEO Company in Edmonton

Benefits of SEO!

SEO is one of the most important digital marketing channels to build a strong online presence and grow your business. Here are a number benefits you could gain for implementing SEO!

Boost Organic Traffic

Most purchase decisions in today’s digital world  begins with users searching for a solution on search engines to fulfill their needs. Organic traffic refers to users who find your website while doing such a search. The SEO goal is to make search engines like Google recognize that your brand or website offers the most relevant solutions to their queries or needs. Being highly visible on search results page with boost quality traffic to your website.

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the extent to which your target users are familiar or recognize your brand. A good SEO strategy is aimed at increasing your brand’s visibility by optimizing your site content to match search queries. This will ensure that your products or services will be easily found through organic search. Once your website remains at the top of search rankings, people will be able to see it more. This will increase the chances of clicks and this will help improve knowledge and engagement with your brand.

Generates Leads

SEO is one of the most cost effective ways to generate leads compared to other forms of lead generation. Great search visibility means that more potential customers can find your business, allowing you to get your products or services in front of people who are ready to buy. This gives your business the opportunity to generate leads with high conversion rates. A good SEO strategy is the best way to increase sales and revenue for your business.

Gives You a Competitive Advantage

SEO allows you to stay competitive by analyzing what your competitors are doing and using the insights to outrank them. Your competitors will most likely invest in SEO. If your brand does not do SEO, it will be loosing out on a lot of market share. Competitive SEO analysis allows you to gather intelligence and find opportunities where your competitors are falling short. So your brand can take advantage of the existing SEO gaps.

Builds Brand Credibility

Brand recognition, trust and credibility is one of the important benefits of SEO. Whether you are running a new business or an established one, having a solid industry reputation is crucial. By investing time and effort in creating valuable content for your audience and demonstrating your brand as an industry expert, you will build trust for your business.

Optimizes Your Website

SEO is all about user experience (UX). This is because Google only ranks sites that have a great user experience. A responsive web design helps optimize the website for mobile search and also improves the site ‘s functionality. With users browsing on diverse range of devices, it is important that your website is responsive to help maximize the benefits of SEO.

We help businesses dominate online by providing the most efficient SEO strategies that takes your website to the top of Google ranking and drives traffic to your site.

Our Local SEO Services

Use Gomel Digital Marketing, Edmonton local SEO services expert to improve your business ranking on search engines for all local searches related to your business. We offer the best local SEO services in Edmonton.

Meaning of local SEO?

Growing your online visibility within your targeted location.

Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps to improve local search visibility for your business.

Any business that serves a geographic area or has a physical location can benefit from local SEO.

Why is local SEO important?

Better online visibility

Local SEO activities increase your online visibility and make your business easily discoverable by new customers searching for the kind of products or services you offer.

Greater In store traffic

If your business has a physical location, local SEO services will help increase foot traffic to your store. Connect with one of our Edmonton local SEO expert to improve local traffic to your store.

More targeted traffic:

Optimizing your site using local SEO tactics will help drive more targeted traffic to your site. The traffic delivered will be from local searches and this will have a positive impact on your leads and sales.

More calls:

Having a Google my business profile is an important tactic when trying to optimize for local SEO. A well optimize Google my business profile will lead to more calls.

Looking for local SEO services for your small business? Check our local SEO services page.

What you can expect from Gomel Digital Marketing! Your SEO Edmonton partner!

In-depth SEO analysis for your business

We take the time to go through your business history, past performance, industry and audience. A deep audit of your website will help us identifying SEO opportunities and define your SEO strategy. 

SEO solutions that respond to your specific needs

You will get a plan for SEO that is unique to your business needs and objectives. Our SEO Edmonton experts will map out a strategic and customize plan that will help reach your defined SEO goals.

SEO offerings within your budget

Budget shouldn’t be a barrier in getting started with SEO services. Our SEO offerings are designed to fit within your specific budget. You can start by connecting with us  and let us know how we can help.

Trackable Results

One of the best benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that results can be tracked. We will provide you with key SEO metrics that will give you insights on how your SEO is performing. We are a Edmonton SEO service provider that delivers results.

Some SEO terms explained!

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to the number of visitors who arrive at your website from unpaid search engine results. It is different from Google paid ads because the traffic is free. This means people arrive to your website by clicking on non- paid results search.

search engines

This is a program that helps users find the information they are looking for using keywords or phrases. Examples of search engines include Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube. Google has the biggest market share when it comes to search engines.

search visibility

In SEO search visibility is the measure of how many people see your website through search. The higher the search visibility percentage, the more the organic traffic to your site.

organic search results

Organic search results are those pages that search engines return when a user submits a search query. These results are organic because they are unpaid as opposed to Google paid ads that show up on search results listings as sponsored.

search queries

Search queries are words or phrases that a user types on search engines with the intention of getting an answer to a question or inquiry. Search queries can contain a word, few words or phrases.

seo ranking

SEO raking refers to the position of a website on search engine results pages. There are several ranking factors Google takes into consideration that influences whether a website will appear higher on the search engine results (SERP) page.

SEO Services Edmonton

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vs Search Engine Marketing (SME)

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) both offer organizations ways to increase sales and revenue. However, both have commonalities and differences. The main goal of SEO is to expand your company’s visibility through search for organic traffic results. Organic traffic means unpaid traffic. 

Similarly search engine marketing (SEM) is another method to market your business through search. However, search engine marketing refers to strategies employed to get traffic through various paid and organic methods. The major difference between both SEO and SEM is that SEO is a type of SEM in addition to other SEM methods.

Edmonton internet marketing!

DIY SEO Tips For Small Businesses

Edmonton SEO company specialized in helping small businesses. 

Find the Right Keywords

Lower volume keywords are easy to rank than higher volume keywords, when it comes to search engine optimization. It's important to focus on targeting lower volume keywords or local keywords. If your business is located in Edmonton for example, make sure to include Edmonton to your primary keyword to maximize your local SEO. An example in our case will be local SEO Edmonton.

Create Great Content

Creating relevant and interesting content that speaks to your audience offers great SEOs benefits. You can do this by creating a blog post on your site or content that educates your audience on the type of product or service you provide. Ensure your content easily targets your primary keywords for best SEO results.

Optimize Directories

One of the most effective ways to grow your online presence and optimize for SEO is by submitting your business to various online directories. A platform like Google My Business lets users find nearby businesses in real-time. Adding your business to as many directories as possible will help improve your SEO.

User Friendly Website

Having a clean and user friendly website is very important for SEO. Improving content readability, site speed, navigation, mobile optimization and making sure that search engines can index or read your website are very important things to consider when working on SEO for your business.

Build Backlinks

A backlink is when another website links to your site. Backlinks have a considerable impact in building your website authority and ranking your business for search engine optimization (SEO). Having an effective link building strategy in place will be a determining factor in achieving great SEO results.

Analyze your competitors

You can also check what your competitors are doing in terms of SEO by analyzing their content, keywords and links. Competitive SEO analysis can help you define a strategy for your SEO by including what works for your competitors and also taking advantage of the existing gaps. Your competitors are those trying to rank for the same keywords as yours.

SEO Edmonton

SEO pricing!

We are an expert SEO company, executing highly successful campaigns for our clients. If you are a business looking for quality SEO services to grow your a strong online presence, we offer a combination of fixed packages and customizable SEO pricing depending on your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that will help you understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) much better.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO FAQ

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your website or content to rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This will increase your site’s visibility in such a way that customers will be able to find you when they search for the kind of products or services your business offers.

Let’s look at an example using Gomel Digital Marketing. At Gomel Digital Marketing we offer SEO services in Edmonton and area. A well-done SEO will mean that if someone types Edmonton SEO or SEO Edmonton on Google search, Gomel Digital Marketing will rank higher on the Google results page. And even if they don’t exactly type Edmonton SEO but also type variations like Edmonton SEO company, Edmonton SEO service, SEOs Edmonton, Edmonton SEO services expert or local SEO Edmonton; Gomel Digital Marketing SEO page will still rank higher on the search results page.

SEO works through Search Engines. When people type a query to get answers to their question on the internet, there are computer programs called search engine algorithms that crawl web pages to look for those that will provide the searcher with the exact result of their query.

Search engines use 3 major steps to complete this process:

Crawling: This is the beginning phase where search engines send crawlers to discover the most important pages on the web by following links.

Indexing: This is the second stage. At this stage, the search engine will decide if the content or information is valuable to be stored. If the search engine finds the information worthy, it will store it and add to it’s index for later retrieval.

Ranking: Once search engines are done crawling and indexing the web pages. The last phase will be ranking of the pages which is also the most important phase. Google uses many ranking factors to determine the order in which the pages should appear on search results.

One of the most important benefits of SEO for your small business is that it helps customers find you. When customers are searching for the type of products or services that your business offers, the first place they will go is on your website and so it’s important that your website show up on Google when they type in the kind of product or service you offer.  

If we take Gomel Digital Marketing as an example, that will mean that when a customer types in for example Edmonton SEO, Edmonton SEO services, SEO Edmonton, SEOs Edmonton or Alberta SEO, SEO company in Edmonton Gomel Digital Marketing should be able to show up on the Google results page.

In addition to helping customers find you, SEO also gives your website authority. This means that customers will not only find you trustworthy, but they will find the content you offer relevant and worthy.

Local SEO is one of the most important SEO strategies for your small business. It is a search engine optimization technique that helps your business to be more visible on local results.

Local SEO is even more important if your business is serving just a specific geographic area like Edmonton or if your business has a physical location. If your business is not optimized for local SEO, you could miss out on potential customers around your area. Work with Gomel Digital Marketing your local Edmonton SEO expert to grow your business with first class search engine optimization services.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing web page content for your users and search engines. The process commonly includes optimizing page content, title tags, internal links and URLs. With On-page search engine optimization, you can provide valuable content on your site to educate your users.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO on the other hand involves all external activities outside of your website to improve your site ranking on search engines. These activities may range from backlink building and increasing social media engagement and shares. Off-page search engine optimization activities help users and search engines to know that your site is trust worthy and reputable.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is improving the technical aspects of your website to help search engine spiders be able to crawl and index your site more effectively. This involves monitoring your site performance through website speed, mobile friendliness, site errors and more.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a search engine optimization practice that helps your business to be more visible in local search results. In this way your business can be found by nearby online searchers. For example if your business needed SEO services and you searched Edmonton SEO companies in Google, most SEO companies in Edmonton that practice local SEO will show up.

With SEO, pages are optimize on your site to drive traffic organically or free. On the other hand, PPC also known as pay per click are ads you pay for. These paid ads generally appear at the top of search results pages above the organic listings. One of the major difference therefore is that SEO is free while PPC is paid.

Depending on your budget it is important to balance between SEO and PPC ads. SEO usually takes time to see results, so PPC ads are a good strategy to get instant traffic to your site. If you are in Edmonton and are interested in running PPC ads or starting SEOs for your small business, please connect with us HERE .

It’s important to note that SEO does not work instantly, unlike other digital marketing channels. It takes about 6 to 12 months to start seeing SEO results. By results we mean seeing a considerable increase in traffic with a measurable rise in leads and conversions. If you are interested in starting SEO for your small business, you can connect with one of our Edmonton SEO experts to get you started.

The cost of SEO will vary depending on many factors. This could include the size of the business, the industry and the specific SEO needs of that business. Depending on the needs of your business, most SEO companies could charge SEO services either project based, hourly or monthly. If your business is interested in local SEO or if you are in Edmonton and would love to know more about pricing for SEO, please CLICK HERE to connect with us.

Just like general SEO pricing, the cost of SEO services in Edmonton will vary depending on a number of factors. These factors can include the size of your business, the scale of the SEO project, the chosen pricing model from hourly, to monthly to project based. 

Another important factor that determines the price of SEO services in Edmonton is a company’s  current SEO situation. Are they already doing SEO or they are just starting? and if they are already doing SEO, what’s their current SEO performance?  If you are a small business in Edmonton are interested in starting SEO for your business or just need a quote for SEO services, you can complete this form to get in contact with us.

The pricing for SEO in Canada will also depending on the same number of factors like general SEO pricing. However irrespective of business size, industry or project size, different locations in Canada will charge differently for SEO. For example the cost of SEO in Alberta may vary from that in Ontario. However an average hourly rate for SEO services in Canada is $150.

Different SEO companies have their SEO pricing model.  However most SEO companies will either charge SEO services either on an hourly basis, as a monthly fee or  specific to the project.

SEO is more expensive when compared to other digital marketing services like social media marketing. However apart from being more expensive , SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies that when done rightly will yield amazing results. The reason being that, with the evolution of the world to a digital landscape, most purchase decisions begin with a search. Making the search engine optimization channel one with the most conversion rates.

A successful SEO requires a lot of expertise, resources, work and takes a longer time and investment to start seeing results.

SEO requires a lot of expertise, resources and time to be successful. It is very important to hire an agency or SEO company specialized in search engine optimization, if you want to benefit from it and get a good return on investment.

You can successfully do your own SEO. However this will require a lot of time to first understand what SEO is all about, build the skills and expertise  required and spend time practicing everything you have learnt.

A strong online presence is indispensable for the success of every business irrespective of their size. Purchase decisions mostly begin with a search in today’s digital world. If you want to grow your small business , SEO is a great long-term  investment that will provide you with amazing benefits including but not limited to brand awareness, trustworthiness, increase in relevant website traffic, leads and sales.

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