7 Ways to Improve Your SEO Ranking For Edmonton-Specific Searches.

Local SEO is a very powerful tool for small businesses. Most consumers today begin their purchase journey by doing an internet search. Local searches have gained even more popularity, with potential customers searching for location specific products and services often using phrases like ‘’near me’.

So, what is Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Local SEO is the process of improving your business visibility on search engines like Google for location-specific queries. It focuses on optimizing your online presence to help your website rank better in search results and puts you in front of local customers exactly when they need the products or services you offer. It makes you more competitive, increases your brand awareness, and improves the visibility of your business for Edmonton-specific searches.


Here are 7 ways to improve your local SEO in Edmonton-specific searches.

1. Create a Google My Business Profile and Optimize it

Over 90% of searches are done on Google. That makes creating a Google My Business profile (GBP) very important for your local SEO. If you haven’t claimed or created your Google My Business Profile, then you should, because it’s completely free. It helps improve your business visibility in local Edmonton searches when people are searching for the kind of products and services you offer. Getting started and optimizing for Google My Business is very simple. You can begin by following the steps below:

  1. You need to register and verify your business.
  2. Add relevant information like photos and post about your business.
  3. Encourage customers to share reviews and respond to all reviews, even if they are negative.
  4. Ensure the information you listed about your business is accurate.

2. Take advantage of Online directories

Another effective way to enhance your Edmonton SEO visibility and attract local customers is through online directories. When you list your business on multiple online and local directories, it expands your digital presence and the potential for people to easily come across your business. These directories serve as a platform where you can add information about your products, services, and business contact details.

Also, Google considers local business listings as an important ranking factor for location-specific searches. When registering for online directories, it’s important to choose directories that are relevant to your business and target audience. You also must make sure that your business information is accurate and consistent across the different directories.

Some examples of online directories are pages like YELP, Yellow Pages, Bing, Canadian Business Directory, and 411. ca, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, Edmonton Made, and more.

Getting started with online directories is straightforward and there are many free listings options available. If you would like to get started, you can contact us here and we can provide you with a full list of free directories.

3. Create local content

There’s no content as captivating as content material that speaks or relates directly to your audience. Google loves relevant and great content when it comes to ranking websites for SEO. Creating content around local news, events, resources, and activities is a great way to connect with your local Edmonton audience.

When developing your local content strategy, try to find out what are the top questions your customers or potential customers are asking. Providing your local community with content that helps address their needs will build your brand’s authority and improve your Edmonton local SEO  performance.

4. Target local keywords

Without keywords, it’s impossible to rank for SEO. Keywords are those words or phrases that users type in search engines. If you want your business to rank for Edmonton-specific searches, you need to choose keywords that are relevant to your local Edmonton customers. An easy way to find relevant keywords for your business is by using Google Keyword Planner. With Google Keyword Planner, you can filter keyword searches based on location and popularity.

For example, as a plumbing company in Edmonton, you can consider targeting local keywords like:

Plumber Edmonton, Plumbing Services in Edmonton, Best Plumbers in Edmonton, Cheap Plumbers in Edmonton, etc.

When writing content on your website, ensure these keywords are naturally incorporated into your content.

5. Get quality Backlinks

A backlink occurs when another website links to your site. Google and other search engines regard this as an indicator that your website has high-quality content which may have a significant impact on your SEO performance. Acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable local websites, directories, organizations, and local social media influencers will boost your local SEO and improve your search visibility in Edmonton-specific searches.

6. Optimize your website for mobile

It’s no secret that internet behavior has changed. Today more and more people surf the internet through their mobile phones. For your business to be able to capture such an audience, it needs to provide a great user experience on mobile. Also, Google gives preference to websites that are mobile-friendly in local search. Optimizing your website for mobile and ensuring fast loading times for users can improve your local search rankings and increase the likelihood for your business to appear in Edmonton-specific searches.

7. Perform local SEO audits and competitive analysis to check your SEO performance

A local SEO audit allows your business to understand what is working, what is not working, and what needs adjustments. It’s important to regularly conduct your local SEO audit to identify what is performing well and what needs fixing. Running a competitive SEO analysis will also help you identify what are the strengths of your competitors and what are the gaps that you can take advantage of.  A local SEO audit may include tasks like Google My Business audits, online directory audits, website audits, content audits, and competitor analysis.

A local SEO strategy will help your business to be more visible on Google search results. Implementing these 7 actionable steps will not only give your business a solid SEO foundation but will also help boost your website rankings in Edmonton-specific searches.  However, it’s important to note that SEO is an ongoing process, so you must consistently maintain it.

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